If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear.

Does it even make a sound at all.

Loch Ness Sculpture Studio is a mostly off grid, artist run, sculpture bothy, and native forest in the Scottish Highlands.

The project aims to promote sculpture in the Scottish landscape and to explore and redefine 'wilderness' to connect with sculptors and other artists worldwide who share an interest in working with metals and or sculpture, in rural and remote locations and communities.

Loch Ness Sculpture Studio are happy to provide skills, assistance, equipment and knowledge sharing for placing sculptures in the landscape.

Our workshop is fully fitted for different types of welding, fabrication, casting sculpture and reclaiming found objects in metal. We run an assortment of metal working air tools, electric tools, plasma cutter, pillar drill, chop saw, grinders and timber chain saws.

Propane forge and wood fired kiln coming soon..

Have some interesting scrap steel or copper you would like given new life as a sculpture? Do you have a vision for a sculpture to bring visitors or to refocus your environment. Would you like to collaborate on a project, skill share or come and work on a project at Loch Ness Sculpture Studio and explore ancient Loch Ness.

Residency opportunities on going. We work here all year round, but be advised the workshop can dip to -10C in the winter and we mostly work outdoors, but we make great coffee and wood fired pots of tea.

"We find renewed beauty in forgotten and discarded things. We work with what we have, not what we wish we had. We would rather have 100 ideas and do 1 of them, than have no ideas, and do none of them. We break things. We fix things. We lose. We find. We walk dogs and dont mind the rain. We leave stones at the top of mountains. We make sculptures any way, shape or form. Why? There is no why.

just how. "

If you are interested in making or commissioning outdoor metal sculpture in the remote Scottish Highlands, we would love to hear from you.

[email protected]

"Sculpture is an art of the open air. Daylight, sunlight, is necessary to it, and for me, its best setting and complement is nature". Henry Moore